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General knowledge questions and answers

Important questions about Bal Gangadhar Tilak

1. Who is Known as Father of Indian Unrest ?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

2. Who is the first Indian leader to give the slogan "Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it "?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

3. Who is the author of Gita Rahasya ?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

4. Who started the newspaper Kesari ?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak (in Marathi)

Who started the newspaper Maratta ?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak (in English)

6. who was known as lokmanya?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
note: he is the author of book Gita Rahasya

7. who wrote the book "Arctic Home in the Vedas"
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
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 who are the three persons known as  "Lal Bal Pal"?
 Answer:Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal

Current Affairs Questions 2017 : updated


    2017 current affairs Quick reference Questions for  psc, upsc, ssc,and bank exams 

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*last updated on 12/12/2017.

Who is the winner of 2017 Mother Teresa Memorial award for social justice?
Answer: priyanka chopra 

Who is the miss universe 2017?
Answer:  Leigh Nel-Peters

Who is the present CAG(comptroller and auditor general of india)
Answer:Rajiv Mehrishi

Who is the winner of Miss world 2017 ?
Answer: Manushi chhillar from India

who is the winner of miss earth 2017?
Answer:  karen ibasco from Philippines

who is the winner of 2017 jnanpith award 2017?
Answer: Krishna sobti

 India government's project for relief to rohingya refugee?
answer:  operation insaniyat

who is the winner of 2017 formula1 championship?
Answer: Lewis Hamilton

Which country recently grant citizenship to humanoid robot "Sofia"?
Answer:Saudi Arabia

Which team won Asia cup hockey 2017?
Answer: India (Runner-up: malaysia)

which country won asia cup women's hockey 2017?
Answer: India

Who won 2017 Fifa Men's player of the year?
Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

Who won 2017 Fifa Women's player of the year?
Answer: Lieke Martens

1.who is the chief guest of 2017 republic day parade?
Answer:   Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan(Abu Dhabi Crown Prince)

2. 2017 Australian open womens title winner?
Answer: Serena williams 

2.a. 2017 Wimbledon womens title winner?
Answer: Garbine Muguruza

3. 2017 Australian open mens title winner?
Answer: Roger federer

3.a. 2017 Wimbledon  mens title winner?
Answer: Roger federer

4. Who is the newly appointed secretary general of UNITED NATIONS (UN)?   
Answer: Antonio Guterres 

5. who is the winner of miss universe 2016?
Answer: Iris Mittenaere (France)
miss universe 2016

Current affairs new appointments 2017

6. Recently elected Uttar pradesh chief minister?
Answer: Yogi Adityanath 

7. Newly elected Goa Chief Minister ?
Answer: Manohar Parrikar  

8. Who is the present punjab Chief minister?
Answer:  Amarinder Singh

9.Recently elected uttarakhand chief minister?
Answer: Trivendra Singh Rawat

*10. Newly appointed Chief of Air staff 
Answer:   Birender Singh Dhanoa

*11. Recently appointed SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) chairman?
Answer:  Ajay Tyagi

*12.Who is the present Supreme Court Chief Justice of India (appointed from jan-2017)    
Answer: Dipak Misra

*13. Who is the chief of  Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) ?
Answer: Anil Dhasmana

*14.Who is the chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB)?
Answer: Rajiv Jain

*15. Who is the chief of CBI?
Answer: Alok Verma


*16. winner of indian open badminton 2017 ?
Answer: P V Sindhu

*17. India's longest Bridge?
Dhola -sadiya bridge(Assam)

*18. First Indian who won asian squash title  ?
Answer: Joshna Chinappa

 *19. Who is the winner of "2017 World Snooker Championship" ?
Answer:  Mark Selby from England

*20. Recently elected French President?
Answer: Emmanuel Macron  

*21. winner of sultan azlan shah cup 2017?
Answer: Britain( Runner-up: Australia, Third place: India)

*22. who won 2017 phalke award ?Answer: Kasinathuni Viswanath 

*23. 2017 French open Mixed doubles winner?
 Answer: Rohan Bopanna(India) & Gabriela Dabrowski from canada

24.recently elected ireland prime minister?
Answer: Leo Varadkar 

25. Recently appointed chief election commissioner of india?
answer:  Achal Kumar Joti

26. who is the winner of 2017 man booker International prize ?
Answer: David Grossman (book: A Horse Walks Into a Bar) [translated by Jessica cohen]

  26 a. who is the winner of 2017 man booker prize(booker prize)?
   Answer: George saunders(book: lincoln in the bardo)

27. Which cricket team won 2017 champions trophy ?
Answer: Pakistan

28. 2017 womens ICC cricket worldcup winner?
Answer: England (defeated India)

29. Newly elected president of INDIA?
answer: Ram Nath Kovind 

30. Recently appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice of India?
Answer: Dipak Misra

31.where is the venue for 2024 Olympics?

Answer: Paris

31.where is the venue for 2028 Olympics?
Answer: los angeles

32.recently elected , first women president of Singapore ?
Answer: Halimah Yacob

33.winner of Denmark open 2017 badminton series, 2017 Indonesian super series badminton,2017 Australian super series badminton
 Answer: Srikanth Kidambi

34. 2017 Asia cup hockey winner?

 Nobel prize 2017 winners

a. 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics
Answer:Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish, Kip S. Thorne

b. 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
 Answer: Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, Richard Henderson

c.  2017 Nobel prize in medicine?
Answer: jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash, Michael W. Young

 d. 2017  Nobel Prize in Literature
Answer:  Kazuo Ishiguro

e. 2017 Nobel Peace Prize
Answer: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

f. 2017 Economics Nobel prize
Answer: Richard H. Thaler

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General knowledge - National & International awards

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 Selected general knowledge questions related to national and international awards.Rare Questions expected for upsc , psc and postal exams

who designed  param veer chakra?
Answer: Savitri Khanolkar

who designed National flag of India?
Answer: pingali venkaya

who designed fifa world cup trophy ?
Answer:  Silvio Gazzaniga

Who designed national emblem of India?
Answer: Dinanath Bhargava

Param Veer Chakra, bharat Ratna, Padma Vibushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri are produced from?
Answer: alipore Mint, Kolkata

India's highest civilian award, Bharat ratna have design of which leaf?
Answer:  Peepal leaf

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Biology GK questions and answers: updated


Biology General knowledge questions and answers

Biology gk questions for PSC ,SSC and RRB exams

1. Which disease is known as Christmas disease ?
Answer: Haemophilia (also known as Bleeder's disease and Royal disease )

2. The seat of memory in the human brain is located in the _______ ?
Answer: Cerebrum

3. Which hormone is known as Emergency Hormone ?
Answer: Adrenalin

4. Total number of bones in human body ?
Answer: 206

*4a. Number of rib bones in human body?
Answer: 24(12 pairs)

5. Total number of Muscles in human body ?
 Answer: 639

6. What is the Enzyme present in Saliva ?
Answer: Ptyalin

7. Covering of brain is called as __________ ?
Answer: Meninges

8.  Covering of Lungs is called as __________ ?
 Answer: Pleura

9. Covering of Heart is called as __________ ?
Answer: Pericardium

10. What is the full form of CAT in CAT scan (CT scan) ?
Answer: Computer Axial Tomograph

11. Who prepared the first Cholera vaccine ?
Answer: Louis Pasteur

12. Who discovered Rabies vaccine ?
Answer: Louis Pasteur

 13. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of ________ ?
Answer: arteries

*14. Which part of the body produces the blood cells?
Answer: Bone marrow

Did you know which is the largest lake in Antarctica ?

Stock exchanges and share market related Questions

Selected and important Questions from Stock Market and share trading for competitive exams

Questions from Indian Share Market

1. First Stock exchange in India ?
Answer: Bombay stock exchange

2. First Stock exchange in Asia ?
Answer: bombay stock exchange

3.Bombay stock exchange is located at?
Answer:  Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers at Dalal Street

 4.BSE SENSEX is the index of which stock exchange?
Answer: Bombay stock exchange

5.Which organization controls share markets in India?
Answer: SEBI

6.Where is the headquarters of SEBI?
Answer: Mumbai

7.Sebi formed in which year ?
Answer: 1992

Who is the present SEBI chairman ?
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 Questions from world wide Share Market

1.Largest stock exchange by capitalization?
Answer: Newyork stock exchange

2.Doe jones is the index of which stock market?
Answer: Newyork stock exchange

3.worlds first electronic stock exchange?
Answer:  NASDAQ (started on 1971 located at America)

4.What is the full form for NASDAQ?
Answer:   National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

5.Newyork stock exchange and  NASDAQ are situated at ?
Answer:  Wall street(Newyork)

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Important stock exchanges and contries

Important Airlines services and countries list

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Major Airlines services and it's operating countries

One of the frequently asked questions in all competitive exams is from airlines services and its flag carrying countries names.

*Asiana airlines=>> South chorea

*Iberia airlines =>> Spain

*Sabena airlines=>> Belgium

Quantas airlines=>> Australia

Aeroflot airlines =>> Russia

JAL airlines=>> Japaneese Air Lines

Garuda airlines =>> Indonesia

Ariana airlines =>> Afghanistan

Cathey Pacific airlines =>> Hong Kong

SAS airlines =>> Scandinavian Countries

KLM airlines=>> Netherland

Lufthansa airlines =>> Germany

Iberia airlines =>> Spain

Druk Air =>> Bhutan

Biman airlines =>> Bangladesh

Etihad , Emirates Airlines =>> UAE

Virgin Atlantic airlines =>> Britain

Copa Airlines =>> Panama

Air Links =>> Ireland

Olympic Airlines =>> Greece

Brussels Airlines =>> Belgium

Air india airlines=>> India

* new update
Did you know what is Phrenology ?

Online current affairs and gk

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  Questions shared by online users

1. first non congress prime minister : Morarji Desai

2. Bibi ka maqbara is located in : Aurangabad, maharashtra

3. Bibi ka maqbara was built in memory of:dilras banu begum

4. rajatarangini was written by kalhana( written about kashmir)

5.Which commision enquire about death of subash chandra bose: Mukherjee Commission

Gk & Current affairs Questions from 2017 exams


Recently asked GK & Current affairs questions from PSC and Postal exams

1.In which city the first "Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things" (COEIOT) was started?
Answer: Bangaluru 
[Postman exam 2017]
2.Which Indian state started Saraswati river project?
Answer: Haryana
[Postman exam 2017]
3. Chandigarh rock garden was built by ?
Answer: Nek Chand
[Postman exam 2017]
4. Hiroshima day is celebrated on?
Answer: August 6
[Postman exam 2017]
5.Who discovered Radium?
Answer: Mary curie
[Postman exam 2017]
6.Which day is celebrated as ozone day?
Answer: 16 September
[Kerala PSC 2017 exam]
7. GST(Goods and service tax) is set to be introduced by the Union government on?
Answer: 2017 july 1
 [Kerala PSC 2017 exam]
8. The Pradhan mantri Adarsh gram yojana was initially implemented in?
Answer: Rajasthan
[Kerala PSC 2017 exam]

9. Metal Present in chlorophyll?
Answer: Magnesium
[KPSC exams] 
10. Indian sports research institute is located at  ?
Answer: Patiala 
[KPSC exams] 

Last updated on 8/6/2017

Lastest GK questions about Famous Women

First women (female or First lady of ) in India General knowledge Questions and Answers

Questions Like "First women in India" is very much confusing to me. Some important gk questions about 'First ladies of India' is given below. Make sure you don't get confused.

1. Who is the First Woman Governer of India ?
Answer: Sarojini Naidu

  • sarojini naidu's birth day is celebrated as national women's day in india on feb 13
  •  sarojini naidu is the first women governor of india
  • sarojini naidu is known as "Nightingale of india"
  • important literary works are "Broken wing","The Golden Threshold","The Bird of Time"

2. Who is the First Female Prime minister of India ?
Answer: Indira Gandhi

3. Who is the first Woman Chief Minister of India ?
Answer: Sucheta Kriplani

4. Who is the First Woman Minister of India ?
Answer: Vijayalakshmi Pandit

5. Who is the First Woman Central Minister of India?
Answer: Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

6. Who is the First Woman Speaker of India ?
Answer: Meira Kumar

7. Who is the First Woman Speaker of a State Assembly ?
Answer: Shano Devi

8. The First Indian Woman who Swam across English channel ?
Answer: Arti Saha

9. The First Indian Woman who Swam across Gibraltar Strait ?
Answer: Arti Pradhan

10. Who is the First Miss World from India ?
Answer: Reetha Faria

11. Who is the First Miss Universe from India?
Answer: Susmitha sen

12. Who is the first Miss India?
Answer: Pramila Esther Abraham

* 13. Who is the first woman IPS ?
Answer: Kiran Bedi

* 14. Who was the first woman IAS ?
Answer: Anna Malhotra

* 15. Who was the first Woman High court Judge ?
Answer:  Anna Chandy

* 16. Who was the first female Chief Justice of High court ?
Answer:  Leila Seth

* 17. Who was the first Lady Magistrate ?
Answer: Omana Kunjamma

* 18. Who is the first woman to become Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
Answer: V.S. Ramadevi

* 19. Who is the first Indian woman to win Nobel Prize ?
Answer: Mother Teresa

* 20. Who is the first woman to win Bharat Ratna ?
Answer: Indira Gandhi

* newly updated

Did you know What is the maximum age for the President ?

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Economics Gk questions for 2017 exams


Important General knowledge questions related to Economics

1. Who is the father of Economics ?
Answer: Adam Smith

2. Who created Population theory ?
Answer: Thomas Robert Malthus

3. Who is the father of Indian Planning ?
Answer: M. Visvesvaraya

4. Who is the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission ?
Answer: Gulsarilal Nanda

5. Who was the Last  Vice Chairman of Planning Commission ?
Answer: Montek Singh Ahluwalia

6. First Five year plan give priority to development of ________  sector ?
Answer: Agriculture

7. Second Five year plan give priority to development of  ________  sector ?
Answer: Industrial

8. Which Five Year Plan is based on Mahalanobis Model ?
Answer: Second Five Year Plan

9. Which Five Year Plan is based on Harrod - Domer Model ?
Answer: First Five Year Plan

10. Who is the Father of Indian Budget ?commission
Answer: Mahalanobis

11. Which commission replaced planning commission on 2015?
Answer:  NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India

Did you know From which country Indian Constitution Borrowed Union - State List ?

World's famous Fathers: General knowledge questions

1. Father of cloning = Ian Wilmut

2. Father of Printing = Guttenberg

3. Father of history = Herodotus

4. Father of economics = Adam Smith

5. Father of Socialism = Robert Owen

6. Father of Sociology = Augustus Comte

*7. Father of Scientific Socialism = Karl Marx

8. Father of Co-operation = Robert Owen

9. Father of English Poetry = Geoffrey Chaucer

10. Father of Essay = Montaigne

11. Father of Renaissance = Petrarch

12. Father of Reformation = Martin Luther King

13. Father of Genetics = Gregor Mendel

14. Father of Modern Cartoon = William Hogarth

15. Father of Psychology = Sigmund Freud

16. Father of Greek Democracy = Clesthenes

17. Father of Nuclear Physics = Rutherford

18. Father of Modern Tourism = Thomas Cook

19. Father of Green Revolution = Norman Borlaug

20. Father of Jurisprudence = John Locke

*21.Father of Science = Galileo Galilei

*22. Father of psychology =  Wilhelm Wundt

*23. Father of computer = Charles Babbage

*24. Father of computer science = Alan Turing

*25. Father of internet = Vint Cerf

*26. Father of genetics = Gregor Mendel

* newly updated- 31-3-2017

Did you know who is the creator of Batman ?
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