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Previously asked competitive gk questions

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Gk questions about Countries and their Old Names

1. What is the old name of Iraq ?
Answer: Mesopotamia

2. What is the old name of Iran ?
Answer: Persia

3. What is the old name of Beijing ?
Answer: Peking

4. What is the old name of Ethiopia ?
Answer: Abyssinia

5. What is the old name of Ghana ?
Answer: Gold Coast

6. What is the old name of Indonesia ?
Answer: The Dutch East India

7. What is the old name of Istanbul ?
Answer: Constantinople

8. What is the old name of Mali ?
Answer: French Sudan

9. What is the old name of Myanmar ?
Answer: Burma

10. What is the old name of Zimbabwe ?
Answer: Rhodesia

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Constitution of India | general knowledge questions

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Some important gk bits on Indian constitution

1. India become a republic on ?
Answer: January 26, 1950 

2. What is the maximum time interval between two successive sessions of the parliament ?
Answer: Six months

3. In our constitution Education is included in the _________ list ?
Answer: Concurrent List

4. Who is the first Acting president of India ?
Answer: V.V Giri

5. Who was elected unopposed to the office of the President ?
Answer: Neelam Sanjiv Reddy

6. Which Indian state has a common Civil Code ?
Answer: Goa

7. What is the maximum age for the President ?
Answer: There is no age Limit

8. Which was the first state that established Lokayukta ?
Answer: Maharashtra

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General knowledge years in Competitive exams

Previously asked General knowledge questions with years in Competitive exams

75. In which year the second battle of Tarain fought ?
in 1192

76. In which year Indian Railway Board Established ?
in 1905

77. In which year the first budget in India was presented ?
in 1860

78. In which year TRYSEM launched in India ?
in 1979

79. In which year IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Programme) launched in India ?
in 1980

80. In which year Adolph Hitler committed suicide ?
in 1945

81. In which year Decimal System of coinage introduced in India ?
in 1957

82. In which year Gandhi series Currency introduced in India ?
in 1996

83. In which year Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place ?
in 1919 April 13

84. In which year Rowlatt act passed ?
in 1919

85. In which year Swami Vivekananda passed away ?
in 1902

86. In which year was the Wildlife Protection Act enacted ?
in 1972

87. In which year All India Radio was renamed as Akashvani ?
in 1956

88. In which year was the All India Radio established ?
in 1936

89. In which year was National Literacy Mission founded ?
in 1988

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Geography general knowledge questions

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Previously asked General Knowledge questions about Antarctica

1. Which continent is known as Continent of Science ?
Answer: Antarctica

2. Which continent is known as White Continent ?
Answer: Antarctica

3. Which is the only Continent without any trees ?
Answer: Antarctica

4. Who is the first person to reach south Pole ?
Answer: Roald Amundsen

5. Which is the Active Volcano in Antarctica ?
Answer: Mount Erebus

6. Which is the world's southernmost active volcano ?
Answer: Mount Erebus

7. Which is the highest Peak in Antarctica ?
Answer: Vinson Massif

8. Which is the largest lake in Antarctica ?
Answer: Lake Vostok

9. In which year The Antarctic Treaty signed ?
Answer: 1959

Did you know which river is called a river between the two mountains ?

Astronomy General knowledge question 2016

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Frequently asked  gk questions about the planet Jupiter

1. Which is the largest planet in solar system ?
Answer: Jupiter

2. Which planet has most number of satellites in solar system ?
Answer: Jupiter

3. Which is the fastest rotating planet ?
Answer: Jupiter

4. Which planet has the shortest day and night ?
Answer: Jupiter

5. Great Red Spot Seen on which planet ?
Answer: Jupiter

6. Which planet has maximum escape velocity ?
Answer: Jupiter

8. In which planet, objects weigh the most ?
Answer: Jupiter

9.  Which planet has the name meaning Ruler of all God ?
Answer: Jupiter

10. Which is the largest satellite in Solar system ?
Answer: Ganymede (Jupiter)

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General knowledge questions PSC


Secretariat Assistant General knowledge questions (Asked on 5/1/2013 ) part 2

1. India is called a tropical country mainly on account of its ?
Answer: Latitudinal Extent

2. The marshy and forested land in northern part of Uttar Pradesh is ?
Answer: Terai

3. Which river is called a river between the two mountains ?
Answer: Narmada

4. Which state is called the agricultural epitome of India ?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

5. Which region of India has a larger female population than the male population ?
a. west bengal           b. Mizoram         c. Nagaland           d. Puducherry
Answer: Puducherry

6. Who was the first propounder of the doctrine of 'Passive Resistance' ?
Answer: Aurobindo Ghosh

7. In which five year plan University Grants Commission was set up for promoting and strengthening higher education ?
Answer:  First Five Year Plan

8. Who is known as the father of Renaissance of Western India ?
Answer: M.G Ranade

9. The longest River in Peninsular India ?
Answer: Godavari

10. The largest producer of rice in India ?
a. Kerala       b. Andhara Pradesh       c. Tamil Nadu         d. Gujarat
Answer: Andhara Pradesh

11. The national animal of kerala ?
Answer: Elephant

12. The southern most river in Kerala ?
Answer: Neyyar

13. The largest national park in Kerala ?
Answer: Eravikulam

14. First dam in Kerala ?
Answer: Mullapperiyar

15. The most populated district in Kerala as per 2001 census ?
Answer: Malappuram

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Secretariat Assistant General Knowledge questions 2013

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Secretariat Assistant Solved Previous Question paper (Asked on 5/1/2013 ) Kerala

1. Which lamp has the highest energy efficiency ?

a. Incandescent Lamp
b. LED
c. CFL
d. Arc Lamp

2. Yellow light is a combination of  _________ primary colors ?

a. Blue, Green
b. Red, Blue
c. Red, Green
d. Red, Blue and Green

3. Diverging lens produces __________ type of images ?

a. Small virtual image
b. Big real image
c. Small real image
d. Big virtual image

4. The process used to produce Ammonia is ?

a. Contact process
b. Haber process
c. Chlor-alkali process
d. Creighton process

5. The non-metal which exist in liquid state at room temperature is ?

a. Mercury
b. Sodium
c. Potassium
d. Bromine

6. 2007 Nobel prize for Chemistry was awarded to ?

a. Gerhard Ertl
b. Dan Shechtman
c. Richard Fred Heck
d. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

7.The fifth state of matter is ?

a. Plasma
b. Magma
c. Bose-Einstein condensate
d. Fermionic condensate

8. Speed of blue color light in vacuum is ?

a. > 3x108 m/s
b. = 3x108 m/s
c. < 3x108 m/s
d. > 300 m/s

9. Which fuel has the highest Calorific Value ?

a. Bio-gas
b. Methane
c. Petrol
d. Hydrogen

10. In which direction does rainbow appear in the morning ?

a. North
b. South
c. East
d. West

11. The Chief Minister of Uttatakhand is __________ ?

a. Manohar parrikar
b. Vijay Bahugunna
c. Khanduri
d. Arjun Munda

12. Who is the President of France ?

a. Nicolas Sarkozy
b. Jacques chirac
c. Francois Hollande
d. Joachim Gauck

13. The Booker prize winner of 2012 is  ______ ?

a. Jeet Thayil
b. Hilary Mantel
c. Julian Barnes
d. Mo Yan

14. ICC T20 World cup Winner of 2012 is ____________ ?

a. Sri Lanka
b. Australia
c. India
d. West Indies

15. Who won the women's 100 meter Gold in 2012 London Olympics ?

a. Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce
b. Carmelita Jeter
c. Ohuruogo
d. Felix Sanchez

16. The 59th National Film Award for Best Director was won by ?

a. Guruvinder Singh
b. Salim Ahamed
c. Suveeran
d. Vetrimaaran

17. God's particle is the pseudonym of  __________ ?

a. Large Hardon Collider
b. Quarks
c. Leptons
d. Higgs Boson

18. Which rocket was launched by ISRO during its 100 th Mission ?

a. ASLV-C21
b. GSLV-C21
c. PSLV-C21
d. INSAT-C21

19. The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to  ________ ?

a. Liu Xiaobo
b. European Union
c. Barack Obama
d. Inter governmental Panel on climate change

20. The Minister for Cooperation in Kerala is  ?

a. C.N Balakrishnan
b. K. Babu
c. Adoor Prakash
d. Ebrahim Kunju

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General knowledge questions for bank exams


Important General knowledge questions about State Bank Of India 

Previously asked gk questions about SBI for IBPS and Bank clerk exams

1. Which is the Biggest public bank in India ?
Answer: SBI

2. What was the old name of State Bank Of India ?
Answer:  Imperial Bank of India

2a. At which year Imperial bank was renamed as State Bank of India?
Answer: 30 April 1955

2b.  Imperial bank was formed at which year?
Answer: 27 January 1921

3. Which bank has the most branches in India ?
Answer: SBI

4. Which Committee recommended the formation of State Bank of India ?
Answer: Gorwala committee

5. Where is the headquarters of SBI ?
Answer:  Mumbai

6. Which is the biggest commercial bank in India ?
Answer:  State Bank of India

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Current affairs Questions for competitive exams 2012

Current affairs and General Awareness questions 2013 for IBPS, Bank PO, RRB, SBI and Postal assistant part-2

1. Who is newly appointed as United Nations goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS ?
Answer: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Aishwarya 2012 current affairs

2. Which country won T20 World cup 2012 ?
Answer: West indies (beating Sri Lanka)

3. Which country won T20 Womens World cup 2012 ?
Answer: Australia (beating England)

4. What is the name of new book written by JK Rowling ?
Answer: The Casual Vacancy

5. According to the Forbes annual list of the world's 100 most powerful women on August 2012, Who has been ranked in the first place ?
Answer:  Angela Merkel

6. What is the name of new ship commissioned on 2012 for coast guard ?
Answer: Rajatarang

7. Who won the 2012 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award ?
Answer: Aung San Suu Kyi

8. Which Country won Asian Kabadi Championship 2012 ?
Answer: Pakistan (defeating India)

9. Who is the Winner of 2012 US Grand Prix ?
Answer: Lewis Hamilton

10. The seventh meeting of the G-20 summit was held in which country ?
Answer: Mexico (Los Cabos)

11. Which is the fastest super computer ?
Answer: Titan

12. Who is the new chief of RAW ?
Answer: Alok Joshi

13. Who will be the first Muslim head of Intelligence Bureau (IB) ?
Answer: Syed Asif Ibrahim

14. Which country won Davis cup 2012 (men's tennis) ?
Answer: Czech Republic

15. In which jail Ajmal Kasab hanged ?
Answer: Yerawada Jail (Pune)

16. Who is the new CBI director ?
Answer: Ranjit Sinha (25th director)

17. Who is the Winner of Miss Universe 2012 ?
Miss universe 2012 General knowledge

Answer: Olivia Culpo

18. Who is the winner of  Laureus Award Sportsman of the Year 2012 ?
Answer: Novak Djokovic

19. Who is the winner of  Laureus Award Sportswoman of the Year 2012 ?
Answer: Vivian Cheruiyot

20. Who is the winner of SASTRA Ramanujan Prize in 2012 ?
Answer: Zhiwei Yun

* 21. Who is the brand ambassador of BMW in India ?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

* 22. Who is the special public prosecutor of 2008 Mumbai attack ?
Answer: Ujjwal Nikam

* 23. Who is the winner of 2011 Jnanpith Award ?
Answer: Dr.Pratibha Ray

* 24. Who is the present president of Ghana ?
Answer: John Dramani Mahama

* 25. Who is the new chair man of Tata group ?
Answer: Cyrus Mistry

* 26. Who is America's New Foreign Secretary ?
Answer: John Kerry

* newly updated

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Confusing General knowledge questions 2013

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Confusing General knowledge questions latest (part 6)

Confusing gk questions from Days

1. Which day is observed as National Youth Day ?
Answer: January 12

2. Which day is observed as International Youth Day ?
Answer: August 12

3. Which day is observed as National Teachers' Day ?
Answer: September 5

4. Which day is observed as International Teachers' Day ?
Answer: October 5

5. Which day is observed as National Tourism Day ?
Answer: January 25

6. Which day is observed as International Tourism Day ?
Answer: September 27

7. Which day is observed as National Children's Day ?
Answer: November 14

8. Which day is observed as International Children's Day ?
Answer: June 1

9. Which day is observed as National Consumer Day ?
Answer: December 24

10. Which day is observed as International Consumer Day ?
Answer: March 15

11. Which day is observed as National Postal Day ?
Answer: October 10

12. Which day is observed as International Postal Day ?
Answer: October 9

13. Which day is observed as National Blood Donation Day ?
Answer: October 1

14. Which day is observed as World Blood Donors Day ?
Answer: June 14

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