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Short forms and acronyms - 2014 exams oriented

Important current affairs and short forms, definitely  helpful for bank exams

International Atomic energy agency - IAEA

Indian Council of Agricultural Research - ICAR.

North East Local Services Improvement Project - NELSIP.

Centre for Earth Science Studies.- CESS.

National Institute of Plant Health Management - NIPHM.

United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea.- ITIOS.

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs - CCEA

Socio-Economic Caste Census.- SECC.

National Rural livelihoods Project - NRLP

National Rural Livelihoods Mission.- NRLM

National Health mission - NHM

National Rural Health Mission - NRHM

National Urban Health Mission - NUHM

Inter Continental Baliiistic Missile ICBM.

Internet and Mobile Association of india - IAMAI

Indian Space Research Organisation - ISRO.

Armed Forces Special Powers Act - AFSPA

Gross Enrolment Ratio - GER

Public Private Partnership Appraisal Committee - PPPAC

National Human Rights Commission - NHRC

More short forms, from news Updated on 2014 Feb
Coastal Regulation Zone - CRZ
Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act - COFEPOSA
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. MGNREGS
Union Ministry of Earth Sciences- MoES.
Indian Leather Development Programme. - ILDP
All India Bank Officers Conference. - AIBOC
National Assessment and Accreditation Council. - NAAC

Satellite Based Augmentation System. - SBAS
GPS- Aided Geo Augmented Navigation. - GAGAN
Pradan Mantri Swastya Suraksha Yojana. - PMSSY

Inter Governmental Authority on Development. - IGAD
Geosynchronous satellite Vehicle. - GSLV
Environmental Education and Training Unit - EETU
United Nations Environment Programme. - UNEP
Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. - PSLV
New Exploration Licensing Policy. - NELP
Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. - FICCI

National Investigation Agency. - NIA
Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria. - RRIN
Liquified Natural Gas. - LNG

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current affairs for 2016 exams , person's in important positions


Important persons from news for competitive exams in 2014 

Union minister for Road Transport and Highways - Nitin Jairam Gadkari

Union Minister of state for Home affairs - Rajnath Singh.

Air Chief Marshal of India - Arup Raha 

Union Minister of  Communication, Information & Technology  - Ravi Shankar Prasad

Here You can find more expected Questions relating person's in power

Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission - Motek Singh Ahluwalia.

Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council(PMEAC) of Prime Minister - C.Rangarajan.

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Do you know Who become the first women umpire in ICC Panel ?

Short forms for competitive exams like psc and postal exams

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Acronyms and Short form's that are recently in news

National Forum for People's Rights- NFPR

National Technical Advisory group on Immunisation - NTAGI

National Institute of Nutrition - NIN

Cashew Export Promotion Council of India - CEPCI.

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board - AERB

National Thermal Power Corporation - NTPC

Mainline Electric Multiple Unit - MEMU

International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO

Foreignar Regional Registration Office - FRRO

Chairman of Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) - Madav Gadgil.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender - LGBT Community.

China's first moon 'Jade Rabbit' touches the lunar surface - Sunday 15th December 2013.

United Nations International Year of Water Corporation (UNIYWC) - 2013

All India Muslim Personel Law Board - AIMPLB

National Green Tribunal - NGT

Lawyers Environment Awareness Forum - LEAF

National Rural Health Mission - NRHM

Joint Water Regulatory Board - JWRB

Indian Institute of Mass Communication - IIMC

National Urban Health Mission - NUHM

Telecom Regulatory Authority of india - TRAI

All India Democratic Women's Association - AIDWA

Indian Sugar Mills Association.- ISMA

Collection of short forms from recent news, definitely  helpful for UPSC , PSC, Railway and BANK Exams .

 Current affairs tail end

 Newly appointed Chief Information Commissioner ? Sushma Singh

Try our  who is who page for more 

Current affairs November 2013

 Current affairs November 

2013 Indira gandhi Prize winner?  
Answer:  M S Swaminathan

Which indian state host  2013 World Chess Championship ?
Answer: Tamil nadu (chennai)

Malayalam Literary award ezhuthachan puraskar 2013 winner ?
Answer: M K Sanu.

What is the full form for "FMC" that was recently in news?
Answer : Forward Markets Commission.

Who is the present Chief Secretary of the State?
Answer : Kaushik Mukherjee

Which nation host 2018 men's hockey World Cups ?
Answer: India

Which nation host 2018 women's hockey World Cups ?
Answer: England

Typhoon Haiyan was hit in which country?
Answer : Philippines

 Venue for 2013 Commonwealth summit (CHOGM 2013 ) ?
answer: Sri Lanka

Miss Universe 2013 Winner ?
Gabriela Isler(Venezuela)

who won bharat ratna 2013?
Answer : Sachin Tendulkar and C N R Rao

Note: CNR RAO is the man behind India's mars mission

Newly appointed Maldives, President?

answer: Abdulla Yameen

Newly appointed Chairman of PFRDA ( Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority)
answer : Anup Wadhawan 

mamoni raisom goswami prize 2013 winner? 
Answer : Mahasveta Devi 

Newly elected Latvia, Prime minister ?
Answer :  Valdis Dombrovskis

Important Questions about National anthem in gk exams

Some of the important National Anthems and it's importance  for  Gk Exams

Jana Gana Mana                              =>  India
The Star-Spangled Banner               =>  America
God Save the Queen                        =>  Britain
Qaumi Taranah                                =>  Pakistan
March of the Volunteers                   =>  China
Indonesia Raya                                =>   Indonesia
Amar Sonar Bangla                         =>   Bangladesh
Kimigayo                                        =>   Japan
Kassaman                                       =>   Algeria
Druk tsendhen                                =>    Bhutan
Kaba Ma Kyei                               =>    Myanmar
Mawtini                                          =>    Iraq
Al-Nasheed Al-Watani                   =>    Kuwait

More info About National anthems

1. Which is the Oldest National anthem ?
Answer: Dutch National Anthem "The Wilhelmus"

2. Which  is the longest national anthem in terms of duration?
Answer: National Anthem of Uruguay

3.Brazil national anthem composer : Francisco Manuel da Silva

Here list only frequently asking questions related to national anthem . You can find the whole list of national anthem from wikipedia

 Do you Know  Whose samadhi sthal is known as Buddha Poornima Park ?

Current affairs October - 2013


Daily current affairs bits for all job seekers . Current Affairs related to India , world and sports

1. Winner of 2013 Shanghai Masters title ?

2.Name the cyclone which was hit to Indian states Odisha and Andhra pradesh ?
Answer: Phailin

3.Typhoon Nari was hit over which country ?
Answer: Philippines

4. 2013 Nobel prize for economics winner?

Answer: Robert Shiller, Eugene Fama, and Lars Peter Hansen

Other Nobel prize winners List

5. Name the UIDAI chairman who was recently in news?

Answer:  Nandan Nilekani

6. What is the full form for " NDMA" ?
Answer :  National Disaster Management Agency

7. Newly appointed India's hockey coach ? Answer: Terry Walsh

8. Man Booker prize 2013 winner? Answer : Eleanor Catton

9. What is the nationality of  Eleanor Catton? answer : New Zealand

10. who is the youngest man booker prize winner?
Answer : Eleanor Catton

Who is the winner of DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2013 ?
Answer: Jeet Thayil (Narcopolis)

Recently elected sbi first women chairperson

answer:  arundhati bhattacharya

Which country was hit by Hurricane Raymond?
Answer:  Mexico 
what is name for India's Mars mission?
Answer : Mangalyaan

general knowledge and current affairs questions and answers [updated]


Some of the current affairs and gk Questions shared by Online GK users

1.Newly elected  international Olympic committee  president?
 Answer: Thomas bach

2.Present CAG of India is?
Answer: Sashikanth Sharma

3.who  wrote the book "what young india want" ?
Answer: Chetan Bhagat

4.Present chief election commissioner ?
Answer: v s sampath

5.Next Olympic games will be held at ?
Answer: brazil

6.World Autism Awareness Day ?
Answer: April 2

7.largest fresh water or largest lake in India?
Answer: Wular Lake (kashmir)

*8. 2013  dronacharya award winners 

a. Mahavir Singh -Boxing
b.  Narinder Singh Saini -Hockey
c. K P Thomas -Athletics
d. Raj Singh -Wrestling

* latest updates

Frequently asked questions About GANDHI : updated


If you can answer these Important questions about Mahatma Gandhi, you will surely get 1 mark in IBPS , UPSC, Bank clerk like exams. So Start to learn from Gandhi
Gandhiji General knowledge questions

1. When did Gandhiji born?
Answer: in 1869 October 2

2. When did Gandhiji went to South Africa to practice law?
Answer: in 1893

3. Where did Gandhiji's first Satyagraha experimented?
Answer: South Africa in 1906, September to protest against the Asiatic Ordinance issued against the Indians in Transval

4. When was Gandhiji's first imprisonment?
Answer: 1908 at Johannesberg in South Africa

5. In which railway station where Gandhiji was humiliated and ousted ?
Answer: Peter Marits Burg Railway Station in SouthAfrica

6. When did Gandhiji started Tolstoy Farm (SouthAfrica)?
Answer: in 1910

7. Where did Gandhiji started the Phoenix Settlement ?
Answer: Durban in South Africa

8. What is the name of weakly started by Gandhiji in SouthAfrica?
Answer: Indian opinion (1904)

9. When did Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa ?
Answer: 9th January 1915.
January 9 is observed as Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

10. Where was Gandhiji’s first satyagraha in India?
Answer: It was for the right of Indigo workers in Champaran in 1917

11. Where was gandhiji’s first fast (Gandhiji’s second satyagraha in India)?
Answer: In Ahmadabad

12. Which causes Gandhiji to abandoned his title Kaiser-I-Hind?
Answer: Jallianwalabagh Massacre (1919)

13. Who started weeklies named Young India and Navjeevan?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

14. Which is the only Congress session presided over by Gandhiji?
Answer: Congress session at Belgaum in 1924

15. Who started All India Harijan Samaj in 1932?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

16. Where is Wardha Ashram situated?
Answer: In Maharashtra

17. When did Gandhiji started the weekly Harijan?
Answer: 1933

18. Gandhiji called Subhash Chandra Bose as _________?
Answer: Patriot

19. Who called Gandhiji as “Half naked Seditious Fakir”?
Answer: Winston Churchill

20. Who gave the name ‘Gurudev’ to Tagore?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

21. Who called Gandhiji as ‘Mahatma’?
Answer: Tagore

22. Who is political guru of Gandhiji ?
Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

23. Who is considered as spiritual guru of Gandhiji?
Answer: Leo Tolstoy

24. When did Gandhiji assassinated?
Answer: 1948 January 30 by Nadhuram Vinayak Godse

25. What was called as 'Post Dated Cheque' by Gandhiji ?
Answer: Cripps's Mission (1942)

26. When did Gandhiji published 'Hind Swaraj' ?
Answer: In the year 1908

27. who gave Baba Amta the title 'Abhay Sadak' ?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

28. The period which is considered as 'Gandhian Era' in Indian Independence struggle ?
Answer: 1915 - 1948

29. Where was Gandhiji’s third satyagraha in India?
Answer:  kheda satyagraha

30. What is the real name of Gandhi's Autobiography ?
Answer: Satya na prayogo

31. What is the period that referred in Gandhi's Autobiography ?
Answer: 1869 - 1921

32. When did Autobiography of Gandhiji first published ?
Answer: 1927 (in Navajeevan)

33. In which language Gandhiji wrote his Autobiography ?
Answer: Gujarati

34.  Who translated Gandhi's autobiography into English ?
Answer:  Mahadev Desai

35. Who founded Satyagrah Sabha ?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

36. Who was the secretary of Mahatma Gandhi after the demise of Mahadev Desai ?
Answer: Pyarelal

37. What is the real name of Mira Behn, the disciple of Gandhiji ?
Answer: Madeleine Slade

38. Who compared Gandhi's Dandi March to the legendary journey of Sri Rama to Lanka ?
Answer: Motilal Nehru

* Persons having nick name as Gandhi

39. Who is known as Frontier Gandhi ?
Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

40. Who is known as Bihar Gandhi ?
Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

41. Who is known as Modern Gandhi ?
 Answer: Baba Amte

42. Who is known as Sri Lankan Gandhi ?
 Answer: A.T. Ariyaratne

43. Who is known as American Gandhi ?
Answer: Martin Luther King

44. Who is known as Burmese Gandhi ?
Answer: General Aung San

45. Who is known as African Gandhi ?
Answer:  Kenneth Kaunda

46. Who is known as South African Gandhi ?
Answer:  Nelson Mandela

47. Who is known as Kenya Gandhi ?
 Answer:  Jomo Kenyatta

48. Who is known as Indonesian Gandhi ?
Answer:  Ahmed Sukarno

Some of the Books about Gandhi.

*49. Who wrote the book "The words of Gandhi" ?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Other Books written by Gandhiji - 
"The Essential Gandhi" ,   "The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi" ,      "The Penguin Gandhi reader","Gandhi on Islam",      "The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi",    "The book of Gandhi wisdom",       "Hind swaraj and other writings",           "The Way to God",    "For Pacifists"

*50. Who is the write of  "Gandhi on Non-Violence" ?
Answer: Thomas Merton

*51. "The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi" is written by?
Answer:Louis Fischer

*52. who is the author of "Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India"
Answer: Joseph Lelyveld

* newly updated questions

Wanted to know Important questions for IBPS exam about Jahangir

Did you know how many districts India have according to 2011 census ?

If you Know more Important question about Gandhi , please add it as comment.

Current affairs latest gk questions 2013

Latest Current affairs questions 2013

Important current affairs gk questions and General awareness questions for all competitive exams

More Current affairs aug 2013  updates

Find the 2014 Grand slam winners from here
Djokovic current affairs

1. Who is the winner of  Australian Open 2013 Women's title ?
Answer: Victoria Azarenka

2. Who is the winner of  Australian Open 2013 men's title ?
Answer: Novak Djokovic

Did you know who are the winners of Australian Open 2012 ?

3. Who is the chief guest of 2013 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas ?
Answer: Rajkeswur Purryag, President of Mauritius (Held in Kochi)

4. Who is the chief guest of republic day 2013 ?
Answer: Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, King of Bhutan

5. Who is first female President of South Korea ?
Answer: Park Guen-hye

6. Who is the first female Chief Justice of Sri Lanka ?
Answer: Shirani Bandaranayake (recently impeached)

7. Who is the winner of DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2013 ?
Answer: Jeet Thayil (book - Narcopolis)

8. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel in India?
Answer: Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel (Banihal railway tunnel)

9. Where did the World Economic Forum annual meeting held ?
Answer: Davos, Switzerland

10. Who has been conferred won Keerthi Chakra (the second highest among peace time gallantry awards of the country) ?
Answer: Major Anoop Joseph

11. Which Indian scientist conferred with China's top science award ?
Answer: CNR Rao

12. Who is the winner of Ranji Trophy 2012-2013 ?
Answer: Mumbai

13. Which country recently test fired  Hatf-9 (Nasr) missile  ?
Answer: Pakistan 

14. Who is the new Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi  ?
 Answer: Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty

15. Who is the new  President of Sahitya Akademi ?
Answer: Dr. Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari

16. Who is appointed as the next Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations ?
Answer: Asoke Kumar Mukerji

17. Who is the worlds oldest Marathon runner ?
Answer: Fauja Singh

OSCAR Winners 2013 (85th Academy Awards Winners)

17. Which film won this year's Best Picture Oscar ?
Answer: Argo

18. Which actor won this year's Best Actor (in a Leading Role) Oscar ?
Answer: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

19. Which actress won this year's Best Actress (in a Leading Role) Oscar ?
Jennifer lawrence current affairs
Answer: Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

20. Who won this year's Best Director Oscar ?
Answer: Ang Lee (Life of Pi)

21. Who is the first person to win Best Actor Oscar thrice ?
Answer: Daniel Day-Lewis


22. What is the theme of 2013 International Women’s Day (march 8) ?
Answer: A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women

23. New Governor of Nagaland ?
Answer: Ashwani Kumar

24. New Governor of Kerala ?
Answer: Nikhil Kumar

25. New Governor of Odisha ?
Answer: S C Jamir

26. Who is the new President of Kenya ?
Answer: Uhuru Kenyatta

27. Who is the new PM ( Premier of the People's Republic of China) of China ?
Answer: Li Keqiang

28. Who is the new Pope?
Answer: Pope Francis

29. What is the name of India's first regional navigational satellite ?
Answer: IRNSS-1

30. Who scored fastest hundred on debut in test cricket ?
Answer: Shikhar Dhawan

31. Where is India's first all women post office inaugurated on women's day ?
Answer: Delhi

32. What is the theme of 2013 world water day (march 22) ?
Answer: Water Cooperation

33. Which year is declared by UN as International Year of Water Cooperation ?
Answer: 2013

34. Who is the winner of 2013 miss India ?
answer: Navneet Kaur Dhillon
current affairs miss india 2013

35. who is the winner of 2013 Saraswati Samman ?
Answer: Sugathakumari (Manalezhuthu)

36. Who is recently reelected as IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Director general ?
Answer: Yukiya Amano

37. Who is the new Prime Minister of Nepal ?
Answer: Khil Raj Regmi

38. Who is the first female Prime minister of UK who recently passed away ?
Answer: Margaret Thatcher

39. Who is the new pm of North Korea ?
Answer: Pak Pong-ju

40. Who is the new venezuela president ?
Answer: Nicolas Maduro

41. Who is the new president of Bangladesh ?
Answer: Abdul Hamid

42. What is the theme of 2013 World Earth day (April 22) ?
Answer: The face of climate change

43. Who is the new Governor of  Jammu and Kashmir ?
answer: Narinder Nath Vohra

44. Who is the new president of ADB (Asian Development Bank) ?
Answer: Takehiko Nakao

45. Who is the new prime minister of Italy ?
Answer: Enrico Letta

46.  Who is the first woman speaker of Bangladesh ?
Answer: Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury

47.  Who is the new Comptroller and Auditor General of India ?
Answer: Shashi Kant Sharma

48. Who is the first Indian amputee to scale Everest ?
Answer: Arunima Sinha

49. Who is the first Pakistani women to scale the Everest ?
Answer: Samina Baig

50. Who is the first US women in space ?
Answer: Sally Ride (Recently she won highest civilian honour of USA, Presidential medal of Freedom)

51. What is the theme of 2013 International Biological diversity Day (May 22) ?
Answer: Water and Biodiversity 

52. Who is the winner of 2013 Man Booker International Prize ?
Answer: Lydia Davis

53. What is the theme of 2013 World No- Tobacco Day ( May 31 ) ?
Answer: Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

54. Who is the new Director General of DRDO ?
Answer: Avinash Chander

55. Who is the new prime minister of Pakistan ?
Answer: Nawaz Sharif

56. Who were the first twins to scale mount Everest ?
Answer: Tashi and Nancy Malik

57. What is the theme of 2013 World Environment Day (June 5) ?
Answer: Think, Eat, Save

58. Who won the 2013 Templeton Prize ?
Answer: Desmond Tutu

gk sports59. Who is the longest serving defence minister in India ?
Answer:  A.K Antony

60. Who is the winner of 2013 French open women's title ?
Answer: Serena Williams

61. Who is the winner of 2013 French open men's title ?
Answer: Rafael Nadal

Wanted to know more gk questions about Tennis visit

62. Who is the new prime minister of Australia ?
Answer: Kevin Rudd

63. Who is  the present chief justice of India ?
answer:  P Sathasivam

64. Which is the first smoke free state of India ?
 Answer: Himachal Pradesh

65. Which is India's first navigational satellite ?
Answer: IRNSS-1A

 * 66. Who is the present foreign secretary of India ?
 answer: Sujata Singh

* 67. Who won 2013 Wimbledon Men's Title ?
Answer: Andy Murray

 * 68. Who won 2013 Wimbledon Women's Title ?
Answer:  Marion Bartoli

* 69. what is the theme of 2013 World population day (July 11)?
Answer: Adolescent pregnancy with an aspiration of safe childbirth and that each pregnancy is wanted

*70. Who is the Recently elected Miss world 2013 ?

Answer: Megan Young (Miss Philippines)

*71. Who will represent India in Miss Universe 2013?
answer : Mansi Moghe(Miss Diva 2013)

 2013  Nobel prize 

* 72) Winner of 2013  Nobel prize in physics ?
Answer: François Englert and Peter W. Higgs

*73) winner of 2013 chemistry Nobel prize ?
Answer: Martin Karplus , Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel

*74) 2013 Nobel Prize for  Literature  Winner
Answer: Alice Munro

 *75) 2013  Nobel Peace Prize winner
Answer:  Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

*76)winner of  2013 Nobel prize for Medicine ?
Answer: James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Sudhof

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *77) Cyclone Phailin is expected to hit which indian state ?
Answer: Odisha

*78) Current ADB President ?
Answer:Takehiko Nakao
* newly updated
For more general awareness and current affairs questions visit current affairs questions Quiz part 2

Did you know which is the coldest planet in our solar system ?

Current affairs are added as Comment to save time and effort , see those too.

Books and authors related questions for psc and bank exams


Here is some of the Books written by famous persons, definitely helpful for psc and upsc  exam preparations

Who wrote the book "My truth" ?
Ans: Indira Gandhi

Who is the writer of the book "My life in action"  ?
Ans: jackie chan

"Glimpses of world history" is the book written by ________?
Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

Who is the writer of the book "Pakistan a personal History"?Ans: Imran khan (Former Pakistan cricketer)

Who wrote the book "The Annihilation of Caste " ?
Ans:  B R Ambedkar

Who wrote the book "Controversially yours  " , which was published in 2011 ?
Ans: shoaib akhtar (Former Pakistan cricketer)

Who wrote the book "My story" ?
Ans: Vijay Hazare

"An appeal from death row"
is a book by ?
Ans: Perarivelal (rajiv gandhi murder convict )

Who wrote the book "No Higher Owner" ?
Ans: condalisa rice

Who wrote the book "My days" ?
Ans: R K Narayan (Former President )

Who wrote the book "Such a Long Journey" ?
Ans: Rohinton Mistry

Who wrote the book "My struggle" ?
Ans: E K Nayanar (Former Kerala CM)

Who is the author of "The Great Indian Novel " ?
Ans: Shashi Tharoor

Who wrote the book "Nirbasan " ?
Ans: Taslima Nasrin

Who is the writer of "Room of many colors" ?
Ans:Ruskin Bond (Well known Novelist)

"A shot at History"
is the autobiography  of?
Ans: Abhinav Bindra (shooting champion)

Who wrote the book "Poverty and Un-British Rule " ?
Ans: Dadabhai Naoroji

Important books written by Rabindranath Tagore ?
Ans: Gitanjali ,Gora ,Ghare Baire,Chaturanga

Indians and Books: GK questions 2013

General knowledge: Ancient Books and Authors

If you have more books and it's importance, feel free to share with us

2013 us open winners and grandslam records for psc , bank and rrb exams

Us open results 2013 for exams.

2013 us open men's doubles  winners?
Answer : Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek 

What is the nationality of Radek Stepanek ?
Answer : check republic

2013 Us open women's doubles winner?
Answer: Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka

2013 us open mixed double winners?
Answer : Andrea Hlavackova and Max Mirnyi

Us open 2013 men's winner?
Answer : R.Nadal

Us open 2013 women's winner?
Answer : Serena Williams

do you know some of the grand slam records are named after these winners?
Expect questions from those grandslam records.
We will shortly add these grand slam records.

general knowledge questions for kerala psc - ldc exams

1. Who is the author of the casual vacancy?
Answer : J. K. Rowling

2. which is fastest growing tree in the world?
answer : Bamboo

3. Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought  is given by which international association?
answer : European union

4. Muslim Brotherhood  is active political party in which country?
Answer : Egypt

what is the full form for  UIDAI?
Answer : Unique Identification Authority Of India

More updates are coming shortly. 

banking and marketing terms for ibps and bank po exams [updated]


Banking , Marketing and financial terms for all competitive exams

Above the line - Commission paid advertisement

Below the line -No commissions paid for advertisement

CAR- Capital Adequacy  Ratio

CAB- Cotton Advisory board

DIPP- Department of industrial Policy and Promotion

ECB - External Commercial borrowings

EOI- Expression of Interest

ETF- Exchange Trade Fund

EPF- Employees Provident Fund

FCCB -Foreign currency convertible Bond

FCNR A/C -   Foreign Currency Non Residential Account

FOSS- Free and open source software

FIPB- Foreign Investment Promotion Board

GPF - General Pension Fund 

HPL- Haldia Petro chemical LTD

IPR- Intellectual Property right

IDRS- Indian depository Receipts .

IFJ- International federation of journalists.

MEA- Ministry of External Affairs

NASSO- National sample survey Organization

NCM- National committee on minorities

NCD - Non convertible Debentures

NPA- Non Performing asset

NRE Accounts - Non-Resident External Account

NIM-Net Interest Margin

MPLAD - Member of parliament Legislative Area Development .

PMEAC- Prime Ministers Economic Advisory comity

PPP -Purchasing Power Parity

PPF - Public Provident Fund

QIP- Qualified institution Placements

REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust

SBU -Strategic Business Unit  

SBU is a Unit of the company having different mission

SDR - Special Drawing Rights

SHG- Self Help Group

Strapline- Slogan of a Company Brand

S&P- Standard and Poors credit rating Agency

UJwala- A scheme from Central govt. for Women rescued from trafficking.

WPI- Wholesale Prize Index

we are constantly updating this post. help us to improve this post,  add more financial and banking terms as comments

General awareness for banking and upsc exams


GK Questions for Bank and upsc Exams

1. What is the full form of FIMI ?

Ans:- Federation of Indian mineral industries .

2. What is the full form of EEZ ?

Answer: - Exclusive Economic zone 

3.Where is "Preah Vihear Temple"  situated ?
Answer:- Preah Vihear Temple is situated at  Thailand - Cambodian boarder .

4. Agenda21 is related to _____________?

Answer: - Earth Summit ( Rio Summit on 14 June 1992)

5. What is the full form of WPI ?

Answer: Whole Sale Price Index

6. Members of Shanghai cooperation organization are?

Answer: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan

7. Who is the author of the book "Room of many colors"  recently published ?

Answer:- Ruskin Bond

8. International Day of Disappeared ?

Answer:- August 30 

           June 8 is celebrated as world ocean day 

           FIDE was founded in Paris, France on July 20, 1924

9. What is the full form for NEFT ?

Answer: National Electronic Fund Transfer
[ibps PO Exam 2011]

10. Different types of bank accounts ?


Fixed or terms deposit
Savings deposit
Current deposit or current a/c
Recurring deposit

[ibps PO Exam 2011

gk bits for psc and upsc exams

Expected Gk questions for psc exams. 

1. who was the founder of vishwabharti
answer: tagore

2. First lady IAS ?
answer: anna rajam

3. new name of big ben tower in london?
Answer: elizabeth tower

4. zero mile center of india?
Answer: Nagpur (charminar)

*5.Which is the  oldest stock exchange of the world?

Answer : The Stock Exchange in Amsterdam, Netherlands

*6.who is the author of white tiger?

Answer: aravind adiga

*7.UNSECO head office ?

Answer : Paris , france

* = recently updated

simple gk and current affairs questions for ldc exams

Selected simple gk and current affairs from online gk. 

Important Current events

a. first lady chief information officer?
Answer: deepak sandhu

b. Newly appointed RBI Governor?
Answer: Urjit Patel

More Simple Questions

1. who is the current loksabha speaker ?
ans: Meira Kumar

2. Who is the  Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
ans:  pj kuryan

 3. who is the current rajya sabha chairman ?
ans: Mohammad Hamid Ansari

 4. america is in which part of the world?
 Ans: in Northern hemisphere many members are in europian union?
ans: 28 members

6. Who became the first player to win four successive ballon d'or awards ?
Answer: Lionel Mess

7. how many member in IMF.?
Answer: 188 Members

8. Who is known as the father of Indian Cricket ?

Answer: Renjith Singh

9. 2013 republic day guest
Answer: King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

10. name of protein in milk
Answer: casein

 *11.Which element has no nutron?
Answer: Hydrogen

 *12. Kalinga Prize is related to ___?
Answer: Popularization of Science

*13.silent valley biosphere is in
Answer: palakad,kerala

*14. Zindagi Ka Karvan' book is an autobiography of
Answer: Former prime minister chandrasekhar

*15.who is the current nawab of patudi?
Answer:  Saif Ali Khan

*16. which is the biggest land locked country in the world??
Answer: Kazakhstan

*17.who is the president of world bank?
Answer: Dr. Jim Yong Kim

*18.present us secretary of state?
Answer: John Kerry

*19.present chairman of ISRO
Answer: Radhakrishnan

*20.current indian men's hockey coach ?
Answer: M. K. Kaushik


Latest gk  updates are represented with *

Computer Questions for competitive exams


Number of computer related questions are increasing rapidly. Here we are providing some Computer Gk and frequently asked keyboard shortcuts

1. name the fastest super computer in india ?

Ans: Saga220

2. saga 220 is developed by ______?

Ans: vikram sarabhai space centre

3. First super computer from India ?

Ans: PARAM 8000

4. Lisp is a programing language related to _________?

Ans: Artificial intelligence

5. Father of Artificial intelligence who was died on 2011 ?

Ans: John McCarthy

6. What is the nationality of  linus torvalds ?

Ans: Finland

7. Name the first supercomputer  ?

Ans: Cray-1

8. India's first Super computer ?

Ans: Param


Important Keyboard shortcuts

Global shortcuts

1. Alt + F          :   File menu options

2. Alt + E          :   Edit menu option

3. Alt + V         :   View menu option

4. F1               :    Help Window

5. Ctrl + A       :  Select All

6. Ctrl + X       : Cut

7. Ctrl + C       : Copy

8. Ctrl + V       : Paste

9. Shift +Arrow keys :  Make selection

10. Ctrl +Tab   : navigation for browser tabs

11. Alt+Tab     : Switch between minimized applications

12. Ctrl +O      : Open

13: Ctrl +W     : close current document or browser tab

14: Alt+F4      : Close Application

15. F5            : Refresh browser

16. Ctrl +P     :Print

17. Ctrl +F2   :Print preview (MS Office)

How the files are created?

bit -> byte -> field -> record -> file

file consists of Records
record consists of several fields
consists of Byte
Byte consists of  bits

About me


Its too late to write a 'about me' page for this blog. Im going to leave this blog, that's why I am writing it.

Name :- Harisree

Age :- 21

Place :- Kerala

Educational Qualification :- Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Why this blog ????

When I start studying gk, I faced a problem, that I can't remember the things which I studied earlier. So I need to write it down some where for revision.. Then I thought Why can't I start a blog for that purpose.
Oh My God.. that's the most successful decision I have ever made..

Why gk ????

After finishing my course in EEE, I had a Big question.  What To Do Next??

My parents, relatives and every one compelled me to join Engineering. My classmates are also preferred engineering. I know my weaknesses and strengths, so I didn't opted Engineering. I know If I choose it, after 3  years later I will end up in Bank coaching  like others, Don't follow the crowd, let them follow you. But when you take risk you have the responsibility to make your way clean. If you lose, there were too many tongues waiting to curse you..

My Apologies !!!!

Very difficult part in this blog is to manage the Online gk. I used several nick names especially Devan.
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Thanks for your support and feedbacks

NB: Every thing said above is purely on my behalves and there might be error on both theoretical and grammatical side

Current affairs questions online 2013

Current affairs Gk Questions from Online GK

Retrieving gk questions from online gk box is very difficult, so we are posting some selected important gk questions from the Gk box. These gk questions are shared by our Online visitors.

Current affairs aug 2013  updates

A. Who is the new foreign secretary of India ?

         Answer: Sujatha singh from 1st aug 2013

B. Newly appointed cj for delhi high court?
Justice Ramana

c. new chairman and managing director of Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC)?
answer: dinesh k sharraf.

1. Who became the first player to win four successive ballon d'or awards ?
Answer: Lionel Messi

2. Who is the pm of Egypt ?
answer: *******

3. Who wrote the book What Young India Wants ?
Answer: Chetan Bhagat

4. Who is the United States Secretary of State ?
Answer: John Kerry

5. Who is appointed as Chinese ambassador to India ?
answer:  Wei Wei 

6. Who is the prime minister of Bangladesh ?
Answer: Sheikh Hasina

7.  Who is the miss earth 2012 ?
Answer: Tereza Fajksová

8. 2013 BRICS summit will be held at which place ?
Answer: Durban (South Africa)

9. Who is the present president of North korea ?
Answer: Kim Il-sung

10. What is the code name given to secret operation carried out by the special cell to unearth the IPL spot fixing racket ?
Answer: Operation U-Turn

11. What is the code name given to Ajmal Kasab's execution ?
Answer: Operation X

12. Who is the first  foreign national to hanged in India ?
Answer: Ajmal Kasab

13. What is the code name given to Afzal Guru's execution?
Answer: Operation Three Star

* 14. Who won 2013 Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award ?
answer: Amjad Ali Khan

* 15. Who won 2013 Lokmanya Tilak award ?
Answer: E Sreedharan

Who is known as Metro Man of India ?
ans: E Sreedharan

* 16. Who is the new foreign secretary of India ?
Answer: Sujatha Singh

* 17. Which country gave one year asylum to Edward Snowden, American intelligence leaker ?
  answer: Russia

* 18. Who is the new president of Iran ?
answer: Hassan Rouhani

For more 2013 current affairs quiz questions visit

Did you know which day is declared as Malala Day by UN ?

General knowledge quiz questions Supreme Court


Gk quiz questions related to Supreme Court of India

Present chief Justice )) RM Lodha

1. In which year Supreme Court of India came in to force ?
Answer: 1950 January 28

2. Who is the first chief Justice of India ?
Answer:  Harilal J Kania

3. Who is the 39th Chief Justice of India ?
Answer: Altamas Kabir

4. Which article in Indian Constitution gives the power of Writ jurisdiction to Supreme court ?
Answer: Article 32

5. Who appoints the judges of supreme court ?
Answer: President

6. What is the monthly salary of chief Justice of Supreme court ?
Answer: 1 lakh

7.  What is the monthly salary of judge of Supreme court ?
Answer: 90,000

* 8. Who is the present (40th) Chief Justice of India ?
answer:  P. Sathasivam

* 9. Who is the first female supreme court chief justice ?
answer: No female CJI yet

* 10. Who is the first female judge of supreme court ?
Answer: Fathima Beevi

* newly updated
Did you know who is known as Thomas Alva Edison of India ?

Did you know who won the 2013 women's Wimbledon title ?

General knowledge


General knowledge questions for competitive exams and quiz

1. Which countries are separated by 38th parallel ?
Answer:  North Korea and South Korea

2. What is the maximum length of a day in pole ?
Answer: 6 month

Siliguri Corridor gk questions
3. What is the name of corridor, connects north-eastern states to the rest of India which is known as Chicken's Neck ?
Answer: Siliguri Corridor

4. Who is the creator of painting Boy with a pipe ?
Answer:  Pablo Picasso

5. Who presented the first budget in India (1860) ?
Answer: James Wilson

6. Which is the first country to get a loan from world bank ?
answer: France

* 7. The top secret 'Operation Lal Dora' which is recently in news is related to which incident ?
Answer: Landing of Indian troops in Mauritius

* 8. What is the name of border line that separates USA and Canada ?
answer: 49th parallel

* 9. Which is the largest soil group in India ?
Answer: Alluvial soil

* 10. Cartography is the study of ?
answer: Map

*11. Who developed the system of latitude and longitude ?
Answer: Eratosthenes

* 12. Which river crosses the equator twice in its flow ?
answer: Congo River

* newly updated gk questions

Did you know who was the first Women  DGP (Director General of Police) in India ?

Expected gk questions: IBPS, RRB, PSC

Expected General Knowledge questions for all competitive exams (IBPS, RRB, Postal Assistant,PSC etc)

Current affairs Gk questions

Make sure you knew at least two recent year and venue of the events.

1. 2012 Olympics is held at ?
Answer: London

2. Venue of 2016 Olympics (The next Olympics will be held at) ?
Answer:  Riode Genero (Brazil)

3. Venue of 2014 Winter Olympics ?
Answer: Sochi (Russia)

4.  2012 Summer Paralympics is held at ?
Answer: London

5. Venue of 2016 Summer Paralympics ?
Answer: Rio de Genero (Brazil)

6.  Venue of 2014 Winter Paralympics ?
Answer: Sochi (Russia)

7. 2010 World Cup Football was held at ?
Answer: South Africa

8. Where is the venue of 2014 World Cup Football ?
Answer:  Brazil
Brand ambassador of the 2014 FIFA World Cup ?
Answer: Pele

9. Where is the venue of 2018 FIFA World Cup ?
Answer:  Russia

10. Where is the venue of 2022 World Cup Football ?
Answer:  Qatar

11. 2010 Commonwealth Games was held at ?
Answer:  Delhi

12. 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held at ?
Answer: Glasgow (Scotland)

13. Where is the Venue of 2018 Commonwealth Games ?
Answer: Gold Coast (Australia)

14. 2012 Euro Cup Football was held at ?Answer: Poland and Ukraine

15. Where is the Venue of 2016 Euro Cup Football ?
Answer: France

16.  Where is the Venue of 2015 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: Australia and New Zealand

17. Which country host the 2019 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: England

18. Which country host the 2014 T-20 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: Bangladesh

19. Which country host the 2016 T-20 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: India

20. Where is the Venue of 2013 Asian Games ?
Answer: Inchean (South Korea)

* 21. Where is the venue of 2013 world athletic championship ?
answer: Moscow (Russia)

* 22.  Which country host the 2023 World Cup Cricket ?
Answer: India

* newly updated
Did you know what is the code name given to Afzal Guru's execution?

General knowledge quiz questions

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Indus Valley Civilization : General knowledge questions

Previously asked general knowledge questions about Indus Valley Civilization

1. Who discovered the Indus site, Harappa ?
Answer: Dayaram Sahni

2. Who discovered the Indus site, Ropar ?
answer:  Y.D. Sharma

3. Who discovered the Indus site, Mohenjodaro ?
 Answer:  R. D. Banerji

4. Who discovered the Indus site, Lothal ?
answer: S.R.Rao

5. Who discovered the Indus site, Lothal ?
 Answer: Braj Basi Lal

6. What is the meaning of word Mohenjodaro ?
answer: Mound of the Dead

7. In which Indus site, Great bath located ?
Answer: Mohenjodaro

8.  In which Indus site, Great granary located ?
answer: Harappa

More General knowledge questions will be added soon......

Did you know which is India's first and only military base outside Indian territory ?

Indian Defence General knowledge questions

Gk questions about Indian Defence

1. Who is known as the father of Indian army ?
Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence

2. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Army ?
Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence 

3. 1st Indian to became Commander in Chief of Army?
Answer: Km kariyappa

4. Who is known as Kipper ?
Answer: Km Kariyappa

5. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian air force in Independent India ?
Answer: Thomas Walker Elmhirs 

6. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Navy ?
Answer:  R D Kathari

* 7. Who is the commander in chief of Indian army when India got independence ?
Answer: Robert Lockhart

* 8. Which is India's first and only military base outside Indian territory ?
answer: Farkhor Air Base (Tajikistan)

* 9. Who is the first Field Marshal (highest rank in the Indian Army) of Independent India ?
Answer: Sam Manekshaw

* 10. In which year Indian air force established ?
Answer: 1932 October 8

* 11. Indian Army Day observed on ?
Answer: January 15

* 12. Indian Airforce Day observed on ?
answer: October 8

* 13. Indian Navy Day observed on ?
Answer: December 4

* 14. Which is the largest Cantonment (military area) in India ?
Answer: Bathinda (and in Asia also)

*15. India's first Nuclear submarine?
Answer: INS Arihant

More gk questions about Indian defence will be added soon......

Did you know who discovered Benzene ? 

General knowledge 2013: Confusing gk Questions

Confusing Facts part 3

Some gk questions which confuses me, don't get yourself confused...

1. Who is the First president of Chinese republic ?
answer: Sun Yat-Sen

2. Who is the First Chairman of Chinese republic ?
answer: Mao Tse-tung

3. Which country has the oldest National Flag ?
Answer: Denmark

4. which country has the oldest national anthem ?
Answer: Japan

5. Where is National Defense College situated ?
answer: New Delhi

6. Where is National Defense Academy (NDA) situated ?
answer: Khadakwasla (Pune)

7. Where is Indian Military Academy situated ?
answer: Dehradun

8. Who is the First American president who won the Nobel Prize ?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

9. Who is the First Russian president who won the Nobel Prize ?
Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev

10. Which is the largest lake in the world ?
answer: Caspian Sea

11. Which is the Largest Fresh Water Lake in the world ?
answer: Lake Superior

12. Which place is known as land of rising sun ?
Answer: Japan

13. Which place is known as land of setting sun ?
Answer: still confused, did you know the answer ?

14. Which place is known as land of midnight sun ?
Answer: Norway

15. Heart and soul of the constitution ?
answer: Article 32

16. Necessary evil in the Constitution ?
answer: Article 22

17. Who discovered the Harappan site Lothal ?
Answer: S.R.Rao

18. Who discovered the Harappan site Kalibangan ?
Answer:  A. Ghosh

* 19. Who translated Arthashastra in to English ?
Answer: R. Shamasastry

* 20. Who translated Bhagavad Gita in to English ?
Answer: Charles Wilkins

* 21. Who translated Manusmṛti in to English ?
Answer: William Jones

* 22. Who translated Gita Govinda in to English ?
Answer: William Jones

* 23. Who translated Abhinjana Shakunthalam in to English ?
Answer: William Jones

* 24. Which is the most abundant metal present in earth's surface ?
Answer: Aluminum

* 25. Which is the most abundant metal present in earth ?
 Answer: Iron

For more Confusing GK questions visit

Did you know Which place is known as "City of seven Islands" ?

Physics General knowledge questions

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Physics Simple gk questions

gk aspirants always has a tendency to follow hard gk questions.. , those who even know the name of  Obama's dog (Bo), makes  mistakes on very simple gk questions.. so please don't spit on simple gk questions.... we need every type of questions to get better ranking in competitive exams.

1. Rate of change of distance is called as ?
Answer: Speed

2. Rate of change of displacement is called as ?
Answer: Velocity

3. Negative acceleration is called as ?
Answer: Retardation (deceleration)

4. What is the acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity ?
Answer: Zero

5. Which is the weakest force in the universe ?
Answer: Gravitational Force

6. Which is the strongest force in the universe ?
Answer: Nuclear Force

7. What is the CGS unit of force ?
Answer: Dyne

8. Who discovered the law of inertia ?
Answer: Galileo Galilei

* 9. A body given with an initial velocity moved under the effect of gravity is called ?
Answer: Projectile

* 10. Rate of change of momentum is _____ ?
 Answer: Force

* 11. A large force acting on a short time is called ?
Answer: Impulse

* 12. The ability of a liquid to rise by defying gravity is called ?
Answer: Capillarity

* 13. Which is the liquid that shows Capillary fall ?
Answer: Mercury

* 14. A projectile launched at ______ degree angle has the greatest range ?
answer: 45

* Newly updated

Did you know in which state Ukai dam situates ?

UPSC important Computer Questions

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Important computer Abbreviations (computer short forms)

LAN = Local Area Network

WAN = Wide Area Network

MAN = Metropolitan Area Network

VAN = Value Add Network

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

MS-DOS = Micro Soft Disk Operating System

OCR = Optical Character Recognition

UUCP = Unix to Unix Copy

IBM = International Business Machine

DBMS = Data Base Management System

ROM = Read Only Memory

RAM = Random-access memory

BASIC = Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

VIRUS = Vital Information Resources Under Siege

* HTTPS = Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

* SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

* DSL = Digital Subscriber Line

* ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange

* COBOL = Common Business Oriented Language

* DNS = Domain Name System

* newly updated

Did you know whose nick name is Babuji, it's not Gandhiji's nick name.

Company Corporation gk questions solved

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Answers of today's (08/06/2013) company corporation exam

Gk section answer key of company corporation exam
some of the questions which we discussed earlier are linked to the respective pages

1. Decibel is a unit of ?
Answer: Sound

2. Which of the following is used as rear view mirrors in vehicles ?
Answer: Convex mirror

3. Which of the following is not an ore of iron ?

a) Iron pyrites  b) Magnetite  c) Hematite  d) Magnesite
Answer: d) Magnesite

4. Which one of the following is known as the 'king of metal' ?

a) Iron  b) Gold  c) Platinum  d) Cobalt

5. Which is the alkaloid that contains in cola drinks ?
Answer: Caffeine

6. Which alloy is used for the production of the body of aeroplanes ?
Answer: Duralumine

7. The compounds which are used to give colour to glasses and oil paintings ?
Answer: Transition metals

8. Name the person who invented lightning conductor ?
Answer: Benjamin Franklin

9. What is the voltage at which house hold AC (Alternating Current) equipments work ?
a) 220 v   b) 230 v    c) 400v   d) 110v

Answer: 230 v

10. Which of the following is a device that employs the principle of Mutual Induction ?

 a) Electric motor    b) Microphone   c) Transformer    d) Electronic choke
Answer: Transformer

11. Dengue fever is caused by ?
Answer: IGM Dengue Virus

12.  The work of famous poet 'AKKITHAM' which got VAYALAR award in 2012 ?
Answer: Anthimahakalam

13. Which is the highest national Environment award ?
Answer: Vriksha Mithra award

14. Who is the second Indian who is appointed as head of ICC Cricket Committee ?
Answer: Anil Kumble  (First > Sunil Gasvaskar)

15. Who got Nobel Prize for literature in 2012 ?
Answer: Mo yan

16. The programme launched by Kerala state Government to protect women and children from sexual abuse and sexual harassment ?
Answer: Nirbhaya

17. The present chief Justice of India ?
Answer:  P. Sathasivam

18. The new name of Big Ben Tower ?
answer: Elizabeth Tower

19. The 14th Vice President of India ?
answer: Hameed Ansari

20. Which was the statistical model used for India's second five year plan for attaining economic development?
answer: Mahalanobis Model

21. The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established on ?
answer: 1992 April 12

22. Who was the first women Director General of Police in India?
answer:  Kanchan Chauduri

23. No child below the age of 14 can employed as per the Indian Constitution ?
answer:  Article 24

24. Who wrote the book 'Development as Freedom' ?
answer: Amartya Sen

25. The sex-ratio of Kerala (Females per 1000 Males) according to the Census of 2011 ?
answer: 1084

26. Untouchability is abolished under ?
Answer:  Article 17

27. Article 21 A deals with?
answer:  Right to Education

Did you know what is the theme of 2013 World Environment Day ?
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