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Official Residence of Countries: Gk questions

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Residence of presidents and prime ministers in countries

The Official Residence of Prime Minister of Canada =>> 24 Sussex Drive

The President House of Bangladesh =>> Bangabhaban

# The Official Residence of President of Kyrgyzstan =>> White House

# The Official Residence of President of United States =>> White House

The Official Residence of President of South Korea =>> Blue House

The Official Residence of President of Pakistan =>> Aiwan-e-Sadr

The Official Residence of Thailand =>> Chitralada Palace

The Official Residence of Prime Minister of Sri Lanka =>> Temple Trees

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Important questions about Khilji Dynasty

Important Facts about Khilji Dynasty

1. Who founded the Khilji Dynasty ?
Answer: Jalaludin Khilji (Malik Firoz)

2. When did Khilji Dynasty founded ?
Answer: AD 1290

3. What is the Original name of Alauddin Khilji ?
Answer: Ali Gurshap

4. Who was the First Muslim ruler to attack South India ?
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

5. Who built 'Siri Fort' in Delhi ?
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

6. Who took the title 'Sikandar-i-Saini' or 'Second Alexander' ?
Answer: Alauddin Khilji

7. Who was the Court poet of Alauddin Khilji ?
Answer: Amir Khusru

8. Who is known as "Parrot of India" ?
Answer: Amir Khusru

9. Who was the prime minister and commander in chief of Alauddin Khilji ?
Answer: Malik Kafur

10. Where was the capital of Khilji Dynasty ?
Answer: Delhi

11. Who was the last ruler of Khilji Dynasty ?
Answer: Mubarak Shah Khilji

Did you know where is Sunderbans National Park situated ?
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Confusing GK questions and answers

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confusing Facts part 2

1. Which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean ?
Answer: Puerto Rico Trench

2. Which is the deepest point in the Indian Ocean ?
Answer: Diamantina Trench

3. Which is the deepest point in the Arctic Ocean ?
Answer: Eurasian Basin

4. Which is the first National park in the world ?
Answer: Yellowstone National Park
5. Which is the first National park in India ?
Answer: Jim Corbett National Park

6. Who is the first Indian Field marshal ?
Answer: Sam Manekshaw

7. Who is the first Indian Air Force Marshal ?
Answer: Arjan Singh

8. Who is the Second Indian Field marshal ?
Answer: km kariyapp

9. The study of Brain is known as ?
Answer: Phrenology

10. The Study of Kidney is known as ?
Answer: Nephrology

11. Which is the Longest Cave in the world ?
Answer: Mammoth Cave

12. Which is the Deepest Cave in the world ?
Answer: Krubera Cave

13. Who is known as Lokamanya ?
Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

14. Who is known as Loknayak ?
Answer: Jayaprakash Narayanan

15. Who invented ECG ?
Answer: Einthoven

16. Who invented EEG ?
Answer: Hans Berger

* 17. Which state is known as the Egg bowl of India ?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

* 18. Which place is known as the Egg bowl of India ?
Answer: Namakkal  in Tamil Nadu

* newly updated
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Did you know which dance is known as the "Ballet of East" ?

General knowledge Confusing Questions & Answers

Confusing Facts Part 4

1. Who discovered the planet Neptune ?
Answer: Johann Galle

2. Who discovered the planet Uranus ?
Answer: William Herschel

3. What is the Chemical name of Caustic Lotion ?
Answer: Silver Nitrate

4. What is the Chemical name of Caustic Soda ?
Answer: Sodium Hydroxide

5. What is the Chemical name of Caustic Potash ?
Answer: Potassium Hydroxide

6. What is the Chemical name of Gypsum ?
Answer: Calcium Sulphate

7. What is the Chemical name of Plaster Of Paris ?
Answer: Calcium Sulphate

8. What is the Chemical name of Carborundum ?
Answer: Silicon Carbide

9. What is Silviculture ?
Answer: Forest Planting
10. What is Olericulture ?
Answer: Olericulture is the science of vegetable growing

11. What is Arboriculture ?
Answer: Cultivation of Tree

12. What is Viticulture ?
Answer: Cultivation of Grape

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Simple but Important GK questions

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Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

Vitamin A
=>> Nightblindness, Xerophthalmia

Vitamin B1 =>> BeriBeri

Vitamin B5 =>> Pellagra

Vitamin B12 =>> Pernicious anaemia

Vitamin B6 =>> Nervousness and insomnia

Vitamin B2 =>> Cracking of skin

Vitamin C =>> Scurvy

Vitamin D =>> Rickets

Vitamin K =>> Delay in blood coating

* 1. Who discovered Vitamin ?
Answer: R.C Funk

* 2. Who discovered Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) ?
Answer: R.C Funk

* 3. Which vitamin destroies in sunlight ?
Answer: Vitamin B2

* 4. Which Vitamin is known as Vitamin H ?
Answer: Biotin

* 5. Which Vitamin is known as Vitamin G ?
Answer: Riboflavin

*newly updated

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Temples and Its Builders: GK Questions 2012

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Temples and Associated Dynasty Ruler

Rathas at Mahabalipuram
=>> Narsimha Varman 1

Shore Temple (Mahabalipuram) =>> Narsimha Varman 2

Khajuraho Temples (Madhya Pradesh) =>> Chandellas

Meenakshi Temple (Madurai) =>> Nayak Rulers

Brihadeswara Temple (Tanjavur) =>> Raja Raja Chola

Chunnakesava Temple (Belur) =>> Vishnuvardhana

Shiva Temple (Tanjavur) =>> Raja Raja Chola

Lingaraja Temple (Bhuvaneswar) =>> Eastern Gangarubs

Kailas Temple (Ellora) =>> Krishna 1

Did you know who wrote the book Gita Govinda ?

National Sports and Game: general knowledge questions

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Country and their National sports

USA =>> Baseball

* Canada =>> Ice Hockey

India, Pakistan =>> Hockey

* Indonesia, Malaysia =>> Badminton

* China =>> Table Tennis

* Scotland =>> Rugby

Australia =>> Cricket

* important
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General knowledge: Ancient Books and Authors

1. Banabhatta Wrote the book =>> Harsha Charita, Kadambari

2. Megasthenes Wrote the book =>> Indica

3. Vishnu Sharma Wrote the book =>> Pancha Thantra

4. Vaghbata Wrote the book =>> Ashtangahridya

5. Aswaghosh Wrote the book =>> Buddha Charita

6. Chanakya Wrote the book =>> Arthasastra

7. Bhaskaracharya Wrote the book =>> Siddhanta Shiromani

8. Jayadeva Wrote the book =>> Gita Govinda

9. Panini Wrote the book =>> Ashtadhyayi

10. kalidasa Wrote the book =>> Abhijana Sakunthalam, Raghu Vansa, Kumara Sambhavam, Ritu Samhara, Malavikagnimitra, Meghdoot

11. Vatsyayana Wrote the book =>> Nyaya Bhashyam

12. Bharata Muni Wrote the book =>> Natya Sastra

13. Sudraka Wrote the book =>> Mricchakatika

14. Ilanko Atikal Wrote the book =>> Silapathikaram

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